Truth is a special word
Once you say it,
You are free like a bird
But if you tell lies,
Your world melts like an ice.
Truth is a world of freedom,
Truth is a world of wisdom
Truth can save person’s life,
Truth is not sharp and dangerous
Like a knife.
Truth is like light,
It brings happiness bright!
Truth is pure like gold,
It never gets old.

Poem By: Nilam Modhpatel (Sem I)

S. K. Patel institute is a private & independent higher education constitutent college of Kadi Sarva Vishvavidyalaya, situated on18 acres of picturesque land. It is about 30 Kilometers away from the city of Ahmedabad in the tranquil environs of Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat. SKPIMCS was established in the year 1998 to take up the challenges of effective education and training of professionals for careers in management and computer studies.
Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya is a University established vide Gujarat State Government Act 21 of 2007 in May 2007 and approved by UGC (ref F. 9-18/2008(cpp-1) March 19,2009). The University has been setup by Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal, a trust with more than 94 years of philanthropic existence. Different programs undergoes in university are into the field of Management, Computer Application, Pharmacy, Engineering, Science & Technology, Nursing, B. Ed., B. Com., BBA and more.